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Meet the Dannburg Floor Coverings team

A combination of diverse talents and abilities, offering you exceptional levels of sales and service. With over 65 years of combined know-how, there isn't a question we can't answer. And it doesn't end with flooring. Our in-house interior design consultants will help you match your flooring with paint colours and counter tops to make your new or renovated home as perfect as you imagined. When it comes to installation, we go above and beyond. Our staff and delivery personnel work behind the scenes to make sure things happen in order and on time. But what really sets us apart is quality control: our site supervisors inspect the sites for readiness before installers even arrive. After installation,the supervisors review for possible flaws so you'll never have to call us back.
Candace Keam
Scheduling coordinator
16 yrs with the team

Candace is a former stampeder cheerleader, she performed with the young canadians during the stampede. Candace enjoys dancing and family time.
Silke Lauff
Scheduling coordinator
2 yrs with the team

Silke enjoys spending time with family, extended pet family, and wire wrapping jewelry. Silke is fluent in german.
Tracy Munroe
Production facilitator & warehouse manager
17 yrs with the team

Tracy enjoys baseball, cross fit, volleyball, and singing. Tracy is listed in the Alberta hall of fame for being MVP in the western Canadian fastball championship.
Lorete Gagnon
Warehouse operator
7 yrs with the team

Lorete enjoys spending time at home with her husband and their multiple furbabies.
Nickey Murray
Service coordinator
6 yrs with the team

Nickey enjoys walking her dog, singing, spending time with her family and friends. Nickey has several different types of laughs, and you tend to hear all of them once she starts laughing uncontrollably.
Darcy Pawlak
Vice president of finance and administration
2 yrs with the team

Darcy enjoys time in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, slow pitch and volleyball. Darcy also volunteers his time with children and young adults in sporting activities and life skills training.
Stacey Ikeda
Site supervisor
1 yr with the team

Stacey enjoys playing poker, riding motorcycles, cheering for the Flames and spending time with family. Stacy has over 30 years experience in the flooring industry.
Glenn Davies
Director of business development
16 yrs with the team

Glenn enjoys golf, really, really likes golf! He also enjoys woodworking, deep sea fishing and classic cars. Glenn has hit 5 hole-in-ones! (and is always trying for number 6)
LJ Boehm
Account manager
15 yrs with the team

LJ enjoys hiking, golfing, supporting craft breweries and history. LJ has a twin brother.
Paddy Quigley
Account manager
7 yrs with the team

Paddy enjoys spending time with his wife and family. They have travelled all over the world to places such as Asia, Europe, and America. Paddy is a golfer and is currently working on lowering his handicap.
Terry Banks
Account manager, renovations, restoration & insurance
5 yrs with the team

Terry enjoys riding motorcycles, watching sports and spending time with his grandkids. Terry has 45 years of experience in the flooring industry.
Carrie Hardiman
Interior designer
1 yr with the team

Carrie enjoys walking and hiking with her chocolate lab, going to the farmers market and cooking with her family. Carrie is a big fan of movies and loves listening to music like all the time.
Jimeen Thurston
Interior designer
2 yrs with the team

Jimeen enjoys skiing, golf, live sporting events, and quilting. Jimeen and her husband are avid motorcycle enthusiasts with many riding adventures in canada, usa and a memorable trip through the alps.
Lee Heintz
Interior designer
10 yrs with the team

Lee enjoys art, design, music, camping and spending time with her friends, family and miniature schnauzer. Lee is also an avid Toronto Blue jays fan.
Katelyn Murphy
Junior estimator
1 yr with the team

Katelyn enjoys cooking, baking, and hiking with her dog.
Christina Liscumb
Accounts receivable
16 yrs with the team

Christina enjoys playing bingo and spending time with her family and dogs. Christina is our in house “ham” burger.
Ron Pink
Site supervisor
12 yrs with the team

Ron enjoys antique motorcycles, karate and cross fit. Ron restores vintage motorcycles as a hobby.
Vern Lowey
Site supervisor
32 yrs with the team

Vern enjoys wood working, camping and fishing. Vern worked for 25 years as a carpet and lino installer prior to becoming a site supervisor.

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