The durability and lifespan of hardwood floors make them incredibly popular, no matter what trends are in place. Since these floors offer visuals that blend well with almost every trend, it’s easy to stay current and take advantage of the many other benefits this flooring has to offer.

But what placements are best for your wood floors? We’re going to discuss that and more, so read along with us now to find out.

New hardwood options work all throughout the house

Kitchens are known for occasional spills and accidents, especially if you have pets or children. The good news is wood flooring is even more suited for this area than ever before.

If you’re flooring your kitchen from this product line, be sure to choose species that are more durable and longer-lasting, such as oak and cherry. When properly sealed and finished, these are excellent options that could easily last up to 100 years or more with proper maintenance.

There are outstanding options for stain color choice, with site-finished materials offering the largest selection of colors. Prefinished materials already have a stain in place and offer a much faster installation experience.

The one place solid hardwood should never be installed in below-grade spaces. In these areas, we strongly suggest engineered wood, as it is better suited for the dampness, humidity, and temperature changes that can occur in these spaces.

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