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The many fabulous benefits carpet flooring has to offer

When it comes to soothing softness under your feet, nothing beats carpet. Perfect for any space in the house, including the home office, it’s cozy, warm, and simply attractively appealing. If you’re still hunting for a truly unique flooring that will never go out of style, then perhaps it’s time we introduce you to one-of-a-kind fiber surfacing.

Endless styles

Without a doubt, carpet fibers come in a truly endless supply of colors, styles, designs, patterns, and textures – not to mention pile heights. With such an impressive rainbow of options like a frieze, textured, Berber, Saxony, and plush, a contemporary soft surfacing is infinitely more versatile than ever before.


When bare feet step onto the cold ground it’s certainly an uncomfortable experience. However, with perpetual soft carpet underfoot, your toes are always happy, cozy, and supported, no matter how chilly it may be. Of course, in climates that have distinctly colder seasons, this characteristic is always much appreciated.


For many disabled individuals, people with reduced mobility, seniors, and younger children falls can be a serious concern. Luckily, soft surface carpeting offers excellent traction and anti-slip capabilities. And, in the event of slipping, tripping or falling, thick, plush fibers offer a cushioned area to land.

Energy savings

As it is constructed of durable, sturdy fabric, soft flooring acts as an insulative material, keeping you warm much like your favorite sweater. Additionally, with a padded layer underneath the carpet, it limits the transmission and transference of air. In essence, this thick layer acts as a protective barrier, keeping you cool in hotter months and warm in colder months. Combined with your efficient HVAC system, you’ll notice a reduction in energy costs.
Luxury carpet in Calgary, AB from Dannburg Floor Coverings


Much like how it functions as an insulative barrier to reduce temperature transmission, soft surfacing also reduces noise in the home by dampening sounds. So, whether you have kids running around the house, a loud moving going on in the living room, or loud music being played in another part of your home, fibers can give you peace-of-mind by cutting down on noise transfer.

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Our Dannburg Floor Coverings carpet store in Calgary, AB carries a wide selection of quality soft surfacing options, from wool to polyester to Berber carpeting. Come in and speak to our knowledgeable flooring professionals about what surfacing would best suit your home. Serving the Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Chestermere regions, we’ll happily guide you on your search for stylish, modern floors.