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How a design consultation service can simplify your upcoming renovation

Now that you’ve imagined the perfect layout for your project, it's time to set your plans in motion and make your dream a reality. But, do you know exactly what to do at this point? A professional design consultation can greatly simplify your renovation projects, helping you assess what flooring materials would best suit your lifestyle. When you enlist our design in-house specialists, any minor complications that may appear won’t turn your design dream into a nightmare. Instead, our experts will assist in various ways to secure your flooring and construction goals.

How to best prepare for a consultation

Get the most out of your consultation with the following recommendations.

Create a style checklist

If there’s a certain style or material you’d like to consider for your project, take note of it in a checklist. Create a list of the looks you like, noting what specific features you’re searching for. If there are any particular issues you’d like clarified or specific requirements, write these down as well to go over with your consultant.

Find stains, colors, and patterns you’d like to consider

Start collecting samples or pictures of the different stains, colors, patterns, or other aspects of materials you'd like for your project. These will help narrow down your choices while also speeding up the process of finding the ideal surfacing. As one of the most important investments for your house, it’s crucial to not only get what you want but also understand exactly what you're getting.

Note down questions to ask

If there are any issues you’re worried about, whether it’s about how long it’ll take to install your new floors or the cost of the materials and installation, then note down these concerns to bring up during your consultation. Remodeling can get overwhelming but answering your questions before renovations begin is truly essential.
Design Consultation in Calgary, AB area from Dannburg Floor Coverings

Design consultation by in-house designers at Dannburg Floor Coverings

At Dannburg Floor Coverings, our Calgary, AB showroom professionals can help you plan for your remodeling projects, be it a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. As industry experts and design specialists, we’re well-aware of what complications may arise and how to circumvent them, so problematic issues don’t get in the way of your dream design. Serving the Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Chestermere areas, we also offer free estimates for our services and flooring options. Call us today to make sure your next renovation looks perfect!