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Dannburg: a higher level of hardwood flooring

At Dannburg Floor Coverings, customers know that they are supplied with only the highest quality brands of hardwood flooring in calgary. We provide on-site supervisors to assure installation quality, and we work with top brands to give you the most respected options available. Come in today for beautiful, enduring hardwood floors and expert advice along the way!

The hardwood difference

Customers who pick hardwood floors know that there's nothing quite as satisfying as the natural look and feel of a real wood floor. Wood has the warmth, character and durability that homeowners worldwide love. Our experts help you understand the options for your home, giving you wood that suits your lifestyle.

Wood flooring has many benefits:

  • No harmful particulates/vocs makes for a healthy, safe environment and guards against allergy problems
  • After initial costs, hardwood floors require lower maintenance costs than other flooring
  • If wood floors become scraped or dented over time, they can be refinished instead of replaced
  • Wood floors are made from sustainable ecological materials
  • Hardwoods come from many sources throughout the world, giving you variety
  • Hardwood never goes out of style
  • Hardwood floors increase home value

Few flooring choices offer as many benefits over time as real wood flooring. Dannburg Floor Coverings features multiple brands, such as canada's own Mercier hardwoods, that source from only the best trees: top-rated Shaw hardwoods, Armstrong, Mannington, Torlys, and others. All of our brands pass rigorous testing protocols before we offer them in our showroom, which means our customers can be confident about all our products!
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Airdrie, AB from Dannburg Floor Coverings

The Dannburg difference: 25 years of satisfied customers

When it comes to hardwood flooring, calgary customers have an important choice to make. Fortunately, Dannburg Floor Coverings makes that choice easy with great deals on top flooring brands! Stop by our showroom to see our hardwood selections. Let us show you how we consistently create satisfied customers year after year!