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Luxury vinyl flooring: Durable, modern, and tons of design flexibility

Luxury vinyl plank and tile designs are well-known as a reliable, modern option for home makeovers. No matter which room is getting updated, plank or tiled vinyl flooring offers a versatile and robust alternative to other surfacing types. Above all else and by far, it is its ability to perfectly replicate other materials that makes this kind of vinyl flooring one of the most in-demand sections in the industry. Much admired and extremely cost-effective, let’s explore more reasons why vinyl plank and tile floors may be the best choice for your renovation.


With the ability to withstand high-traffic households, robust vinyl planks and tiles were originally manufactured for commercial environments. Certainly, with the capability to handle moisture exposure and its flame-resistant qualities, these floors can hold up even when under pressure. Therefore, rest assured than when you’re incorporating this material into your space, you’re adding durable surfacing that’s built to last.


Aside from being waterproof and hard-wearing, you can also set your mind at ease knowing these LVP/LVT flooring options have high slip resistance. With such an excellent grip, it makes a great addition to rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, where practicality can often overrule design. In the living room and dining room, it offers stunning aesthetics besides being safe and secure underfoot.


Vinyl tiles and planks have a tough protective coating that is dent, crack, chip, stain, scuff, and scratch-resistant. As such, it’s an installation that’s easier to clean, since you don’t have to be so gentle with it. Nonetheless, there are certain cleaning methods you’ll need to adhere to, so whatever you do, don't take a scouring brush to it! Normally, tough marks are easily removed with the use of a damp mop and vinyl-safe products.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Chestermere, AB from Dannburg Floor Coverings


Typically, you will have a lifespan of about 25-30 years with LVP and LVT installations. Of course, this does indeed depend on proper maintenance and cleaning, which allows the vinyl to provide the best performance results. In terms of longevity, although each specific flooring type comes with its guarantee, rest assured you’ll get decades out of this supreme surfacing solution.

Find the best luxury vinyl flooring near you

At our Dannburg Floor Coverings showroom in Calgary, AB, we carry a vast assortment of quality vinyl flooring. Serving the Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Chestermere areas, our on-site professionals will gladly answer any of your renovation questions. Not sure which floors would suit your upcoming makeover? Come into our showroom and we’ll work closely with you to figure out your best options.