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Unique and beautiful tile flooring for Calgary homeowners

Many people love the look of a stone floor, but they may be overwhelmed by the available choices. At dannburg floor coverings, we offer an impressive variety of tile in calgary for any décor−and we'll give you help with installation and care for all tile products. There's no need to go to any other calgary tile stores once you become acquainted with our comprehensive services!

Popular tile options

Most tile stores in calgary offer a few basic options, but at dannburg, we carry multiple top brands, materials, and colours so you can pick the perfect tile for your home. We'll answer all your questions and help you make fully−informed decisions before you buy, so you can enjoy your tile flooring for years to come!

Each common tile type offers unique properties and benefits:

  • Travertine is recognizable for its warm, matte finish, and comes in many patterns and colours (the famous trevi fountain in rome is made of travertine)!
  • Slate is a darkly coloured rock that easily splits into sheets, making it a perfect material for tiles. Slate tends to be dense and very resilient.
  • Marble, a hard, resilient stone, benefits from professional sealing and comes in stunning colours and patterns. Marble is especially beautiful in bathrooms!
  • Granite, arguably the hardest stone option, holds shine beautifully while repelling water. It is a popular option for kitchens and baths.
  • Limestone is a very resilient flooring material with beautiful patterns and colours. It is best for indoor spaces.
  • Porcelain, ceramic, and concrete tiles offer superior stain resistance, durability, and easy cleaning

No one tile is perfect in every circumstance, so consult with one of our Dannburg experts, and let us help you make the right choices as you install beautiful tile in Calgary!